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Ever since Sir Francis Drake postponed an attack on the Spanish Armada to finish his game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe, the County of Devon has become a well-known hub for bowling excellence.

I am David Coombes, a long-time bowls enthusiast and sports journalist who has become saddened by the sudden decline in the sport of bowls over recent years. The reasons lie mostly with Covid and the fact that social bowlers in particular, the backbone of every club, have found other things to do when the local bowls club was off limits. With the indoor season now under way, 'Talking Bowls' is right here right now to bring back the excitement that is bowls in Devon.








 Independent Sports Blogger in Torquay and Devon

There has been a change of emphasis on this website.

Whilst the straightforward reporting of matches and results worked well on the printed page, it seemed to me that the world wide web deserved a better quality of insight and interest – hence the inclusion of our newest innovation on this website, The ‘Change of Pace‘ Interviews.

The sport of bowls took one hell of a hit during the Pandemic when gatherings were discouraged and then forbidden. This was particularly relevant within our indoor venues.

But even before then, the game was struggling with an image problem, a lack of younger bowlers entering the fray and some old fashioned and out-of-date operational practices that pinned the sport firmly to prehistoric times.

And yet there is plenty going on in clubs all over the country to try and drag this game into the 21st century. This is certainly something we all need to do if the sport is to survive. And that is the plan on this website.

We want to reflect the efforts of those individual innovators wherever they are in the bowling world so that the rest of us can learn from their actions and begin to build a momentum that turns the sport of bowls into a game for the modern era.

So, what are you doing at your club to create the income necessary for every club's survival? I would like to hear about it. In the meantime, take a look at the first ‘Change of Pace' interview and hear what one club is doing to change the face of bowls. 



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